The tools

WHOIS / RDAP lookup

Perform WHOIS and/or RDAP lookups on domains, IP addresses, and ASNs. Will output all available technical info, contact info, etc.

30-04-2024: The WHOIS / RDAP lookup will now check the expirydate for domains, and warn if expiry is within a three week timeframe.

What is is a set of advanced and detailed online available tools centered around admin, development and GUI/UI/UX tasks.

The need for this grew out of my day job as a fullstack developer and systems administrator. I needed a set of fast and reliable tools, with advanced options for me to tweak, clear and understandable results, and without having to deal with tons of ads and useless info added, just to make it look fancy.

The tools have been extremely useful to me , and I hope they will serve you as well.

Best regards


These tools are still in active development. If you have any kind of feedback, please let me know. Send me an e-mail on iamrootdottech(a)