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About the HTTP/S request tool

With the HTTP / HTTPS tool, you can perform HTTP and HTTPS requests on your website or API. Useful for testing, debugging, performance monitoring and end to end test of dns, connection, ssl, server performance and response time from your web server.

You can use the simple version, where you just enter a URL to be checked - or you can use the advanced version where you can control all elements of your query (query type, protocol, host, url, query string, headers and body ).

Supports both HEAD, GET, POST, PUT and DELETE queries. Supports full control of request headers and request body as well.

Common use-cases:
  • Testing response time on website: Easiest with the simple version, where you simply input your URL and click ‘GO!’. Then we download the page and show you all the details - including performance measurements on DNS, the connection, request and response.

  • End to end test: Easiest with the simple version as well, where you input your URL and click ‘GO!’. All parts of the process are then tested - first DNS lookup, then your server's ability to receive connections, establish SSL connections, receive requests and answer these.

  • Pre-deploy test: If you want to test your server setup before changing the DNS, you can use the advanced tools to specify that instead of connecting to the host part of your URL, you need to connect to an alternative IP address. This allows you to test that everything works before you change the DNS - and thus reduce any downtime when moving websites. Way easier than modifying any hosts-file.

Try out these, if you would like to give it a go, and see how it works:



These tools are still in active development. If you have any kind of feedback, please let me know. Send me an e-mail on iamrootdottech(a)